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Who’s Toro Loco

Heavy equipment and excavation tools

TORO LOCO SRL is a company founded in Bologna in 2011, certified by the Quality Management System ISO 9001. TORO LOCO SRL is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing of attachments for earthmoving machinery.

TORO LOCO provides a wide range of products, starting from Quick Couplers, Buckets, Augers, Log Grabs, Demolition Crushers, Polyp Grapples, Clamshell Buckets, Stump Grinders…and many other equipments for industrial and agricultural machines operating in the earthmoving industry, in the deforestation, demolition, excavation and recycling fields.

In addition to its products, TORO LOCO SRL also markets in the entire world the mulching heads and cutting heads on behalf of the Orsi Group – Assaloni srl company and stone crushers on behalf of Guidetti srl company. These two Italian companies, well-known in their respective fields, since many years choose to rely to TORO LOCO for the sale of their products, considering the Bolognese company a concrete and reliable business partner.

TORO LOCO SRL designs and manufactures its own equipments. In this, competent technicians use new and updated software, to analyze and simulate every time the proper compatibility of the products with respect to the characteristics of the machines on which they will be installed. This ensures the proper functioning of each product and prevents the occurrence of any problems.

TORO LOCO SRL pays great attention to the choice of its employees and surrounds itself  with competent and reliable suppliers. The guarantee of origin of steel and other materials used by TORO LOCO srl are synonymous with its “Made in Italy” certified and guaranteed.

Design, production and processing are followed closely and with meticulous precision, ensuring high quality standards and extensive customization according to customer requirements, constant reference point in the “modus operandi” of the enterprise.

The primary aim of TORO LOCO SRL is in fact to satisfy its customers thanks to the careful analysis of their demands and requirements, the PRE-SALES SERVICE and personal assistance, previously and after the order. This enables TORO LOCO srl to establish solid links with clients, to understand them and to satisfy them fully in all their needs.

The headquarters of TORO LOCO SRL is located in the province of Bologna, in San Giovanni in Persiceto, the birthplace of its founder, Mr. Daniele Viccinelli. The idea is expressed and contained in the logo, a “TORO” (bull), very particular animal, endowed with strength and generally mild, that is also “LOCO”, which translated from Spanish means “crazy”, as crazy and unusual was the initiative of starting a new business in such a delicate phase of the market.



  • Via Cassola 16/G
    40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO) Italy
  • (+39) 051 9596729
  • (+39) 051 4078417
  • [email protected]
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